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Diluvium - This Usual Black

Somehow once more the sun will rape the sky
To lose the battle with a cloud of lone
Far in the north we'll hear the voices
This usual whispering.

It looks like we all sink in this usual black.

Forever in my mind I will ask my self
What could be so unreal for these years
But life is the entity
For all humanity
And you must live out this life.

And where are now broken woods
Ears of stone and grateful breasts
With million human rewards

It looks like we all sunk in usual black.

Somehow the land will show it's teeth
Hide us from the dark minds of power
Rusted hair mother who are not this
Usual crying.

And where are now the golden cities
Yellow shortcuts to nowhere and back
Walking by the thoughts of childhood

It looks like we all sink in this usual black.


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